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Glad he didnt ask for GTA franchise to get banned lol.


-Clap Clap Clap- Congrajusdgfjkadstions !!!

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Well, at least someone did the right thing xD



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Keep doing what you do off tax payers money...leave the gaming to us!



What did I just read?


Wait till he watch GoT...

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For the record, I am not some hippy-dippy SJW snowflake. However, it appears to me that everybody seems to be forgetting that the Prince is a real-life battle-hardened war veteran. I seriously doubt that any war veterans out there see war as a game, especially those veterans still suffering from PTSD. I respect war veterans and If any war veteran has actually taken offense on account of the game's content or has concerns about the game triggering PTSD in certain types of gamers, rather than just laugh them off, stop to consider how the game can be made better.

(What we actually need is a war-based video game that actually depicts PTSD on and off the battlefield.)

Conversely, a better approach for this article would be to have interviews with other war veterans included to get their input on the subject. If the Prince's views are shared by all war veterans, then this is no joke. However, if his views are strictly his own... then take what he has said with a grain of salt.

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