HUGE update! Improved vehicle physics, 2 new pickups, new track and many more improvements!

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List of changes/additions in this patch (v.1.2.7):

  • Hugely improved vehicle physics. Instances of bouncing or clipping on geometry has been massively reduced. Playing is a much smoother experience!
  • NEW Power-up - "Disruptor": Anyone familiar with Rollcage knows what the "time warp" pickup is. This is GRIP's version, albeit something that looks and sounds way cooler. It basically slows time for all racers except the user. Is great for keeping the pack of cars together, making races more engaging. 
  • NEW Weapon - "Spearhead": An explosively fun addition to the arsenal that fires three charged darts in front of the user's car. If one or more hit another racer, they explode after a certain amount of time. Sort of like a shotgun with delayed impact
  • Pick-up Charging! Now, if you hold the pickup inputs they begin to charge for an alternate use mode. Once charged you can let go, and tap the input whenever you need it. Try it out! **Do keep in mind that charging a pickup incurs a speed penalty, as the alternate versions are generally more powerful than the regular ones. Also, this is our first implementation of the system, so feedback is welcome!
  • NEW Racetrack - District 404: This is a nighttime city track set on Orbital Prime. It's got a crossover section so pay careful attention upon first play. It may take a few laps to get acquainted!
  • Racetracks: Fixed a multitude of issues on various tracks, plus updated the visuals on many of them. Added sandstorm weather to Yuri Industrial. Also added more pickups to each track to increase excitement, and redid the placement of pickups for better balance.
  • Temporarily removed Mines and EMP. They will return, but not in the same way as before.
  • Vehicle physics: Drive model has been updated and burnouts are now possible. Wheel spin massively reduced upon start
  • Race camera improvements: the camera should do less freaking out, and be less distracting
  • Server IP fixed for Multiplayer
  • Discord rich presence functionality has been added and now syncs up properly
  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.17. This allows for more optimization, better visuals and faster loading times, among other improvements. Please let us know how the game performs on your system!
  • Massively optimized lighting on particle effects, as well as created more LODs for level assets
  • Various other fixes/improvements

List of SOME known issues with the current version of the game:

  • Multiplayer:
  • Sometimes the game can crash or say network error in multiplayer, but this is rare. Please let us know on Discord if this happens
  • There can be some syncing issues with pickups or cars, depending on MP game settings. We're looking into this.
  • Sometimes the scoreboard can display the wrong positions for players. Rare though
  • Bots can have some syncing issues, but hopefully they are rare
  • The scoreboard is not toggle-able if you retire/DNF

  • Vehicle physics can still be buggy at times, causing your car to bounce unexpectedly, catch on geometry or spend too much time in the air. We've been aware of these types of issue for a while and have constantly been improving physics as we go. The current version of the game is the most stable it's ever been and will only get better
  • The menus only support mouse navigation right now. Gamepad support is currently being worked out.
  • Checkpoints on District 404 aren't working properly so it's possible to skip half the track. Be a nice racer and don't skip half the track :P
  • The Assassin missiles still crashes at specific areas on some tracks. Workin on it
  • Resetting in some areas of track can put you in undesirable positions. We've got a solution to this for next update
  • Menu and some HUD sounds aren't tied to sound volume and therefore can't be muted. Will be fixed
  • Some users are reporting that pausing the game after finishing an event gets rid of mouse navigation
  • The Carkour map "Jobsite" has been removed until we determine why it won't load properly
  • Foliage has been removed from Yuri Industrial because of an issue where using foliage corrupts the map file. Hopefully we'll be able to use the foliage tool again later in time
  • Many levels are still missing final art assets (like city level highways/roads). Visuals will be improved as time goes on
  • HUD indicators for lap times, weapon hits, abilities and overall will be improved before launch

Some stuff we're currently working on:

  • Destruction: small, big, massive. It's coming
  • More car customization
  • Multiple new tracks on all planets
  • New car from the next manufacturer
  • Improving vehicle physics further
  • Lots more!

If you want to give feedback, or need to report any issues, please visit our forum:

Or you can visit the Steam Page

To all of our players, thank you for supporting us, and we hope you'll like what we've got coming in our next updates!

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