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Upgrading Aurora R1 Parts, and Crashing Issues

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I have an old Alienware desktop that has been updated with parts except the motherboard, CPU, and PSU. I'm pretty sure it's the Aurora R1 with a 4VWF2 board and LGA 1366 socket because it has an i7-920.

Anyways, I'm wondering whether, despite listing its only supported processors as i7 9xx, I could replace the processor with a Intel Xeon X5650? It's the same socket, but my question is essentially: can I replace a "desktop" processor with a "server" processor? I heard that the CPU has auto-overclocking so if I replaced it with a non-overclockable CPU, would it cause any issues?

Unrelated to the previous question, but for the same desktop, I'm also having crashing issues - the video signal freezes, the audio that's currently playing (if any) glitches in repetition, then my screen goes gray, and the system reboots. In Event Viewer, it shows up as a Kernel-Power, error code 41, Any idea what could be causing this?

Antworten • 2

haven't heard of error 41, nor why your system is acting up, I do know that Xeon processors will not work because the Bios microcode is not compatible, for Xeon you'd install the R4 mthrbrd (7JNH0 / FPV4P) which has the microcode ... your R1 could accept the 960 965 975 980 980x 990x as the best upgrade paths

Re: R4 + Xeon > "Additional CPU’s that I have personally tested with this board that work are the following:
Sandy Bridge-EP > Xeon E5-1607, Xeon E5-1620, Xeon E5-1650, Xeon E5-2643, Xeon E5-2640, Xeon E5-2667, Xeon E5-2650, Xeon E5-2660, Xeon E5-2665, Xeon E5-2670
Recently tested (Oct 2017) and known to work are: Xeon E5-2637, Xeon E5-4610, Xeon E5-4620
*Note: I tested with a Xeon E5-1607 V2 it will not POST***
*Note: There is no support for Engineering Sample (ES) Processors, the bios has no ES micro-codes* "

Just as a heads-up, I know this is an old thread but the Alienware Aurora R1 does have Xeon support. My Dell Alienware Aurora R1 uses an Xeon X5670 and Windows 10 and runs beautifully. The upgrade is well worth the cheap price.