Atlas Reactor Meridian Reaper Skin Key Giveaway

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The battle for the Atlas Reactor is on!  Outwit to outlive your enemies in the fight for (eternal) life,

liberty, and the pursuit of loot. Make your move and become a Freelancer today. Claim your

Meridian Reaper skin and take to the battlefield today!

About Atlas Reactor:
Get ready: Atlas Reactor Season 4 is here, bringing with it a bevy of changes designed to

improve your seasonal experience! Take the battle for Atlas to a new level with:

  1. Weekly Quests
  2. New Alert System 
  3. Returning Trust Rewards
  4. New & Returning Holo Haunt Skins

Competitive PvP - Compete in 4v4 team battles in Solo, Vs. Bots, PvP, Ranked, and Custom

games. With the range of ability combos possible, no two matches are ever the same.

Customizable heroes - Battle as one of an ever-growing roster of Freelancers! Customize each

hero’s abilities with Ability Mods, which can be saved into loadouts or tweaked to counter enemy

Unique maps and environments - Fight in battles all around the city of Atlas, including the deck

of a flying cargo ship, a rooftop garden, a hi-tech laboratory, and the engineering bay of a working

reactor core.
Seasonal stories and rewards - Experience Atlas’ story through “Seasons,” a multi-week arc

where players can influence the fate of the world and challenges reward regular gameplay with

bonus loot!
A futuristic universe - Enter a cloud-piercing megacity where Freelancers fight for (and against)

monolithic Trusts vying for control over the last Reactor on the planet.



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