GRIP v.1.2.10 includes new car, better physics and more!

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After some extensive testing in the private branch on Steam, GRIP's latest update is revved n' ready to roll

This has been a long time coming, but the various improvements to the game will be both felt and seen. Here's a list of the biggest things this patch brings to the game:

-Brand spankin' new, 6-wheeled car to roll through your competition with. Meet the Terra Rhino
-Majorly improved vehicle physics. Cars now feel more solid and behave more predictably
-Fixed many multiplayer issues including desync. Now multiplayer is nice and smooth
-Plenty of track work with improvements to flow, collision and visuals
-Improved pickup balancing and usage
-Full gamepad support, including in the menus
-4 player split-screen support, including a keyboard + gamepads (keyboard must be player 1)
-Added a Create Tournament button which can be used in multiplayer games as well
-Updated the garage with more customization and view options
-New UI animations and effects
-Updated HUD with font less prone to issues
-Carkour mode is now working again
-Added Speed Demon game mode. No pickups except turbos
-Added Lethal difficulty
...and much more

Be sure to jump on the GRIP Discord server to coordinate multiplayer games, drop bug reports, give feedback and discuss the game!


To all of our players, thank you for supporting us, and we hope you'll like what we've got coming when the game launches November 6th!

We'll have more news about the game including some great additions to the soundtrack, the collector's edition and more as we get closer to release

Some noteworthy issues/bugs with the game are listed below
You may experience a crash, but these are very rare. Do let us know if it happens!
The player progress bar and level is a placeholder for when we introduce more cars and items in the garage to unlock. You may see a "Item unlocked" popup, but it's a bug. We'll be fixing that one shortly
There are still issues with multiplayer UI, especially with custom tournaments
Player avatars may not show up in multiplayer lobbies
LAN games sometimes do not work
You may see textures pop in. For most people this happens very quickly, but may take longer for others

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