A new Twitch Prime loot drop is coming to Warframe

A new Twitch Prime loot drop is coming to Warframe


Warframe players who have a Twitch Prime account can snag some free loot beginning October 16. The upcoming bundle will include two weapons and a cosmetic item.

A Vectis Prime sniper rifle and a pair of Fang Prime daggers are the two weapons that will be made available, and each will come with a slot for augmentation. A Spektaka Sugatra is also being included so that you can change your melee weapon’s appearance.

In order to redeem the bundle, Warframe players will need to link their accounts with a Twitch Prime account. If you own an Amazon Prime account, you’re eligible for a Twitch Prime account. The announcement came via the official Warframe site  earlier today.

Warframe has a large and dedicated following, with tens of millions playing since the game’s launch five years ago. It’s nice to see Digital Extremes rewarding that player base with free loot.

Twitch Prime has been a good source for free loot lately, and a lot of the hottest games received some sort of in-game bonus through the platform. OverwatchHearthstoneRainbow Six Siege and lots more have all seen some love. This, on top of monthly free games.

To make sure you’re ready to claim your loot come the 16th, click here to link your Warframe and Twitch Prime accounts.


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oh no, it's only for twitch prime :(

Ready Player One




..... :P


Good, I have Twitch Prime












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The upcoming bundle will include two weapons and a cosmetic item.

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