CS GO annoying problem !

CS GO annoying problem !

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I'll try to explain this as good as I can.
For a while now, I notice something strange and annoying at the same time. When I shoot the enemies, it seems that the first 2 bullets don't make damage. I can even see the blood spots on them, but no damage at all. When I manage to kill the enemis, it says 104 damage from 5 hits but I already shot 9 from very close range, I can guarantee that all are hits.
Also it's extremely difficult for me to HS since this started.

Another problem is prefiring. Almost everyone far or close prefires at me. One I was going to exit a coridor but changed my mind and turned, in the last momend I heard bullets behind me, the enemy was so far that it wouldn't be possible to see or hear me.

My latency is 30-40ms and I have a constant 120fps, I play ony on official servers. Do you have any ideea how to fix this issue ?

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Mr Alien Face

I think its lag from your part, ive never seen it.

////signed me, crazy alien face///


I've seen the phenomenon less and less. I think it's internet related, the latency is stable as I said but I think I have packet loss or Jitter problems which depends on ISP.


hmmmm. I will try to notice this


Yeah, it look like packet loosing on your way to server.





strange, try to enable the above commands


rate "786432"

cl_updaterate "128"

cl_cmdrate "128"

cl_interp "0"

cl_interp_ratio "1"

cl_predictweapons "1"

cl_forcepreload "1"

mm_dedicated_search_maxping "60"


Thanks I'll try that.


I found the explanation, it's the server latency compensation, here's a video about it

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