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How to get better at any game

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whats the best way to get better at any game, should I be searching for tutorials on YouTube or should I be playing casual or should I just learn by doing it?


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Learn by doing. lol.

There is no ultimate way to get better at anything. As they say, practice makes perfect. The more you try and fail, the better you become, so long as you're learning from your mistakes. 

Practice to get a good eye-hand-coordination.
Learning by doing and watch how professionals play.
Optimize the System.

Just play a lot, watch some ytb tutorials and streams. You don't have to practice, just play it as you like and you'll get better in time

Its really dependant on the game. Civilization? CS GO? Warhammer? Total War? Forza?
most shooters require just good hand eye coordination and a bit of knowledge like deciding when its better to use what weapon,or when to upgrade/take a certain thing.
Other times you should strategize after watching a replay where you know you made a mistake and theorize a way of fixing the mistake.
Strategy games as their name says require strategy,and you should just keep playing with trial and error there.
You can always also watch videos or find guides for it,though.
There are in most games practice modes which you can use,they really help a lot.