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Hard drives ?

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I have an Alienware Aurora R4 ALX with a 1 TB harddrive Im running out of storage. Can the aurora system take more than 4TB of storage ? 

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I have an Aurora as well, but not R4. If it doesn't matter which one as long as Aurora, then yes. Last I checked, there was 2-3 more internal slots. Plus, you can add externals as well

So far, I have 1TB that came with, 1 TB installed internal, 2 TB external attached, and 1 TB external attached.

Though, I do not know if it can handle an internal of 2TB or more. It should be able to handle a 2 TB one, but you have to make sure it fits into the harddrive holding containers. Either way, make sure you have the appropriate SATA cables. Plus, you can always look up the manual.

 Based on a quick google review you can add more drives or even replace your existing drive with a larger drive. more details about your systrem would help. cpu or even drive spec would allow a better answer than " we belive so?"


4tb drives are easly addable these days with the drives abiolty to suport all the different sata controllers. 



My specs are i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60ghz 8gb ram ASUS cerberus Geforce gtx 1050 Ti 4 gb advanced edition Is there any requirements for a harddrive in your system like when choosing a graphics card ?

The harddrive in my system is a seagate barracuda 72000.12 command promt says ATA ST31000524AS SCSI disk device