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Windows 7 iso

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does anyone has the Alienware windows 7 iso who can share please? Also my Alienware is bit couple years old came privy with windows 7 should I keep windows 7 or upgrade it to windows 10. I lost the recovery disc which came with it

Antworten • 9
Windows 7 is going out of support at the end of this year.

Yeah, i know i was able to do a fresh copy finally. I wasn't sure if windows 10 will be running smoothly on my old M17 r4 

I'd install win 10 

Ditto re the advice on here, jump to Windows 10 !

Se voce tiver um PC fraco, sugiro instalar W8.1

It should run ok as long as you have disk space and enough ram.

Use Win 10, Win 7 support will end, (sorry for my english)

I'd install win 10 

Echoing the other posters here. You should go ahead and make the jump to Windows 10. It's a much better experience than the original launch version.