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Please switch back to the old design or at least give us an option. The new navigation is terrible, took me 5 minutes to just to find "Create Thread" button.

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I'm not sure who you guys paid to design this layout, but they need to be fired asap and so does the person that approved it. I'm sure someone in your community will do a better job for free, if you just ask. The layout is horrible, navigation is frustrating and the white is killing me, I have to squint to view awa, that should never be a thing.

For example, the "Create Thread" button which is usually right above the forum posts on literally every single other forum that ever existed, is now on the right side in it's own panel, that's where the "next page" button goes, not the create forum thread button.

Clicking the next page pane on the home page is slow and clunky, you have to click 3 times to get to your rewards page and/or quest page and the UI for those is also bad, looks like mobile is the new goto method for the majority of your userbase.

We all have phones.

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I totaly agree, new layout of site couldnt be worse. Not intuitional, finding anything is crazy hard. and compared to old version it looks very very bad.


new site is disgustingly bad whoever designed it needs to do some research

Just come back after a long break... Things are just confusing now... @_@