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keeping a R2 15 cool down in game play

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OK i have a Alienware 15 R2 and i game with origin and steam the issue is runs hot real hot and i have a cooling pad speed fan and the button off were the hard drive and memory is to keep them cool as much as it can and still hot also it shows that my processor is ping to max so is there anything else that can be done to fix these  issue  

Antworten • 3

Number one thing you can try is undervolt the CPU.  Undervolting can lower your temps a good deal as most CPU's come with too much voltage set out of the factory.  There are a lot of tutorials on how to do this and it isn't hard to find.  

You can try a repaste, but it isn't an easy task on these new machines as the board is flipped and it will require a pretty extensive tear down.  Also those that have already tried this are not reporting great success with the repaste.  

First thing, i would have done would be running malware bytes to check for any virus and after that run sfc scan tool and take a look at task manager whenever it starts heating. Beside that try to run a ePSA or PSA (its a diagnostics for the system to check if all components are working correctly). you can run that scan from BIOS. Also, your easy solution would be to fresh install windows before trying to repaste the thermal. 

note : whenever you are running the test dont use the cooling pad just because it will help you diagnose the system by itself.