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Alien X51 R2 power-on problems occuring more often

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I've had problems getting my Alienware X51 R2 to power on. Following the instructions to to do a CMOS reset seems to fix matters temporarily, but the problems seem to occur more often.

After pressing the power button, the lights will flash, fans will spin and the computer will beep once, then turn itself back off.  After a few seconds it will try again to turn itself on.

As I said, the CMOS reset instructions here: seem to work to reset this... for a while.  Sometimes it'll run for a half hour before turning itself back off, sometimes it's OK for weeks.

On my most recent attempt, I unplugged the battery for a while too and so had to reset the RTC and the boot settings.

Is this a symptom of a failing component I can replace? Would replacing the battery be likely to help, or some power component?

Antworten • 2

Is it possible to boot into Windows at all? I would check Windows Event Viewer log for details. 

It can be any of hardware components. 

First, try to disconnect and then carefully install again graphic card and memory modules (Ground yourself  before doing that!). 

Check and wiggle all cables to verify that they are seated. 

Verify visually that CPU fan spins. 

Verify that CPU fan sensor is not faulty by looking in BIOS (when you can get there), the sensor RPM will show there.

If nothing helps, it's either graphic card, PSU or mobo. Having spare graphic card and PSU helps testing this.


Good luck!

I have the same issue, i've just accepted fate at this point, graphics card caused me issue in the past aswell, so might be that