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Please re-add counter for "how much you upvoted"

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Please re-add counter for "how much you upvoted". Also if you still get ARP points for this (not sure if this is still a case), please give also info about it.


Also dont want to repeat other threads, but I preferred old page design. It was much better: easier to navigate, space was better used and it was overall better. New one is full of bugs (I guess it will be repaired in time) but it is worse anyway. User need to click more, search for useful options and it is more like a fight with page then smooth user experience. It is maybe better only on mobile phones (but did not checked long).

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You can get max 4 ARP for vote. It's working. 1 ARP per 5 votes. Just you have to count it in head, annoying :(

Please bring back the counter!

I agree this :)

We want counter!

Agreed, bring back counter!