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Alienware 17 R4 Internal Speakers no sound!

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Somebody please help me out here.  No sound from the internal speakers but headphones and external speakers via the 3.5mm jack work fine.

I have done everything I can on the software side of things,  replacing drivers,  reinstalling windows fresh and fresh installations of all the latest drivers,  all configurations are properly setup for internal speakers, the internal speakers are detected and set as the default device, alienware sound center says "internal speakers" selected,  when connecting headphones it says headphones,  when unhooking headphones it properly transitions back to internal speakers.  They are not muted.

I also do not get any sound at all during the ePSA pre-boot diagnostic.

I also pulled the speakers out of the machine,  including the sub woofer and tested them on an external audio source and they are working that way.  However when hooked back up inside the alienware 17 r4 they simply will not produce audio.

Also tried different bios versions and no change.

Obviously it must be something on the motherboard at this point,  but how can that be if they are detected in windows,  if there was something wrong with the Audio controller on the motherboard wouldn't they not even be detected at all,  and probably wouldn't be able to supply audio to the 3.5mm jacks as well.

Is there anything I could be missing that could be wrong here?

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