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Alienware 17 R3 - Issues with RAM Slot - Please HELP! :')

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Laptop Type: Alienware 17 R3

I'm an Australian Architectural Graduate currently getting some work experience in India. First week here actually, and my laptop already has issues, most likely caused by using an unstable power supply (I have a power surge protector, but took it off at the time of the crash because it was causing some light zapping when touching specific spots on the laptop). I've never had similar issues before.

After 4 days of working here, my computer crashed after opening windows and browsing for 5 minutes. After turning the laptop off and on again, only a black screen appeared. The computer proceeded to beep 4 times, repeatedly. I then shut it off to have it looked at later.

As I am adamant to solve this as soon as I can, I looked up what the problem was online and figured out the 4 beeps meant there was an issue with the RAM. Following instructions found online, I proceeded to unplug the 2 x 8gb RAM module from their slots. I then checked each RAM module individually by plugging it in independently onto the 2 slots available.

After checking each RAM module and each RAM slot, I found that the issue was not with the RAM modules but with the RAM slot itself. Both my RAM modules working fine by themselves in the top RAM slot. The bottom RAM slot I believe is malfunctioning. Which I think means, if I want it totally fixed, I would have to replace the entire motherboard, which would be very expensive, likely costing approximately a third or quarter of the current generation of Alienware Laptops.

I believe the cheapest and best solution for me, would be to get a new 16gb RAM module, to plug into the one remaining functional RAM slot.

Briefly checking online, I’ve found that a RAM module compatible with my system is the: Crucial 16GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM

Here is the link to the above mentioned RAM module:

I only had a quick look online, please notify me if there are any better alternatives, or larger RAM modules that are compatible with my system. Judging from what I read online, the maximum size an individual RAM slot in my system can take is 16gb.

I use my computer primarily for architectural work, which means using AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc... I would very much appreciate assistance in this matter.


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Howdy Flysamurai,

Are the 8 GB RAM DIMMs factory once, or parts you installed on your own?  It is not common for memory sockets to just fail on the system, normally something has to happen to cause that.  Not to mention, that whatever caused it to fail, could return and cause more damage.  With that said, as long as your system can support 16 GB DIMMs, which Crucial indicates you can, your proposed solution seems fine.  Do be mindful, that your performance may suffer going from dual-channel to single-channel memory.  It might be prudent to start planning to replace/upgrade your laptop before it fails completely.  Good luck!

Rich S.