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So for what reasonable justifications was the ARP voting on 20 threads removed? Like getting avenues to earn more ARP is seriously being removed for nothing now?

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This is a whole new low for Alienware Arena for removing ways to gather ARP. Imagine the new people who get redirected to this site only to learn that it takes a shit load of useless "daily logins" now just to push your mere ARP. This change is so controversial yet I see nobody talking or protesting against it. 

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The reason no one is complaining about it this is that the system was abused and misused.  All one had to do was look at all the spam replies that were being made. Lets face it, there were a ton of worthless post just wishing everyone a great Saturday or Have a great weekend everyone.  These post were posted in the incorrect boards and most often offered nothing to the forum community and were nothing but ARP grabs.  Your complaint has been made on numerous other forum post, all you had to do was search for them.  Other people have been complaining about no ARP for upvotes.  I commented on one of the post that I suspected people were misusing the Upvote system and the below is what Cartire replied back to me:


"Ding Ding Ding.  Except exchange few with 'a plethora'

Further, we've done the math, you're losing 120 ARP a month through voting and we have plans to make up for that with a bit extra in calendars and quests.  

We want CG to get back to what it used to be.  Create something people actually like and get rewarded for it because they want too, not because they are all racing to get 20 votes in.  We fully expect vote counts to drop dramatically, but we also believe that in time, we'll get better overall content.  

I still give this hint out to everyone, every year.  Create gaming news (fyi, required level has dropped to 4).  If your item gets featured, its always guaranteed to get a lot of votes and increase that CG.  Has a chance of being a weekend quest, which further increases its vote totals.  Its by far the best and fastest way to earn ARP.  Some have figured it out and they basically live on top of the leaderboard." 


Clearly there is misuse of the ARP system on a lot of levels and it can only be expected that the forum managers would eventually in time have to take steps to stop the abuse.

Glad I seen this post.

Was wondering why my points didn't seem to go up for anything.

The guides point to a few things, like the quest page that doesn't work, and you don't get points for the forums any longer.  So daily Logins and the quests that show up under your avatar are the only way to go up now?  Shamefully it points to the forums to get help instead of just having a help page.

Your points cant go up for upvotes, but can your points go down for downvotes.

I can't seem to find an "official" page that helps in regards to the levels and points.  I stumbled across one at one point but didn't bookmark it, the site itself is laid out in such a way that finding any official information seems to be extremely difficult.

*Edit, Found it again - decided to go back as it was irking me.

Seems odd how it seems to be hidden away, but now that i can see how to get to it (Click ARP at top), or FAQ then ARP it doesn't seem that odd.  Shame that there's no real link anywhere on your profile about it.  And it's odd that my profile has different points/stats depending on where on the site I click my avatar icon.