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UPS help please.

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hey guys i just recently bought an aurara Ryzen R10 desktop with the AMD 3950x processors and RTX 2080 TI GPU, along with it i have the new black low profile keyboard and the AW2518H monitor, of course  one of my thoughts was UPS protection so i bought a 1500va pro APC UPS.. but before i open that sucker, im second guessing myself on what my computer is going to need, my question is did i choose the right UPS or should i have aimed a little higher? at the time i though i aimed good, but now that im second guessing myself i think i aimed a little low, could anyone help me verify that i chose the correct UPS for this system, or point me in the right direction if i chose wrong? thanks guys! :)

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Well A UPS is only designed to give you enough time to back up your information, that being said generally if you only have your PC, Monitor, and some networking things plugged into it you might get around 1 hour of time... the UPS is there to help try to shield your equiptment for "blowing" up if there is a severe issues as the battery and shielding evens out the flow of electricity coming into it.. So no matter how much more you go up expect about an hour.. 10 min being hte low side..