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Windows isn't activated?!

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I'm running the OEM install of Windows 10 Home and just noticed (by way of the watermark suddenly appearing) that it isn't activated?! I had a warranty repair back in September and they swapped my mobo, so I'm guessing that's the reason (and the tech probably should've addressed the Windows activation somehow) but my question now is just: how do I fix it? The activation troubleshooter refused to do so: I was able to select my machine from those registered to my MS account, but then it just refused to do it. Am I going to have to contact support? And does anyone have any idea what they're going to have me do? Hoping it's not going to be too big a hassle. Thanks!

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If you contact Microsoft and explain what's going on they can probably manually reactivate your version of Windows.  


I have had this happen as well where it was a problem with my Windows itself which was corrupt and I had to do a reinstall, after talking with Microsoft support.  The solution was to reinstall Windows and then it activated no problem, but I called Microsoft tech support before going that route.   


Yeah, that's exactly what I ended up doing this morning. Alienware support wanted to have me reinstall Windows, which of course is a huge hassle. I was seriously ready to spend the $140 for a retail key just to avoid it. But before I did any of that I called Microsoft support, and sure enough, 15 minutes on the phone, they gave me a new product key, and I'm all set! Plus they said if I have a similar issue in the future I should be able to use that same key again to get it fixed. I was really pleasantly surprised, since I know they aren't on the hook to support OEM installations.

If only they'd empower their OEM partners to perform that kind of fix... It really drives me nuts when, in 2020, "reinstall Windows" is the go-to fix for anything other than an actually seriously borked system.

Easy. Call Microsoft Activation Number and choose the "Repaired" Option.

Use comand line (as administrator) slmgr /ipk "your license key" and check

slmgr.vbs / dlv