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M15 Running Scheduled Task Every 30 Minutes

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I recently purchased an m15 to DJ with.  I currently use an m17 that I bought last year with no issues.  The m15 is driving me nuts.  I've updated all drivers, Bios, firmware (on my external device, It's a DJ Mixer Denon MC6000MK2)  My brother bought the identical unit and is having the same issue.  Every 30 minutes, something is causing the mixer to lose communication for a couple seconds and it freezes.  Again, I can use the same mixer with my m17 and have no issues at all.  I've disabled the USB ports and external devices from sleeping,  The power management is set to never go to sleep.  I can't figure this out and I've reached out to the software company (Virtual DJ and Denon (the controller) and both can't figure it out either.  It's not the Denon because the other unit works fine and my brother is having the same exact problem with his m15 (I bought 2 identical units at the same time)  Any ideas what can be causing this loss of communication every 30 minutes (exactly)?

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