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Need advice for my under performing laptop

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32gb ram

os on 970 samsung evo pro 500gb

small storage on pc400 500gb

large storage on 1 tb samsung 860 evo 

Problem: Laptop overheats to 95c + and thermal throttles, effecting game play substantially 

Hi guys I just wanted some advice on the course of action I should take. I bought the laptop because I was going out of the country for 6 months and also purchased the best warranty plus. Had overheating problems right away so did everything I could to re paste and re pad but to no avail. I called the tech and they dispatched a guy to replace heatsink but the problem still persisted. I didnt have time to service again because I then had to leave the country.

So now I'm back 6 months later and they sent out another tech to replace mobo and heatsink. Problem still persists, so I call  again and they are now saying the temps are normal, everything is fine, and are refusing to send out another tech. My games still are effected with drops in fps whenever it thermal throttles which is constant. It even throttles during heaven benchmark.

I'm wondering why I spent all my savings to buy this laptop that is capable of 3.8 ghz to 4.1 ghz and running AAA games on decent settings, when I have to limit it to 2.2 ghz, under volt -125 and put games on medium or low settings just to be able to play...

It's like buying a lambo but not being able to go over 30mph.

I told them I either wanted something that worked or my money back to buy something that works the way it's supposed to. My warranty expires april of this year. I'm thinking of taking legal action.



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Howdy itsfraydoe,

According to Intel, your CPU runs at 2.2 GHz:, and CAN turbo up to 4.1 GHz.  This does not mean that it will run that fast all the time, only when voltage/thermal environments allow.  You indicated that your system is thermal throttling once it hits 95C, which sounds about right.   The question I have, is when you say it throttles down, what speed is it throttling too?  If it is going down to 2.2GHz, that isn't really thermal throttling issue, it just means that the voltage/thermal environment is not allowing it to turbo up.  If it is going below 2.2GHz, you have a problem.  It sounds like Alienware has already replaced the motherboard which would rule out an actual hardware issue.  The only other controllable piece is the environment you are using  your laptop in.  Is it setting on a hard, flat surface, or are you holding it in your lap or other soft material?  You should really use it on a hard flat surface, to allow the cooling system to work at its best.  What is the ambient temperature in the room?  Ideally you probably don't want to use it in a room that you wouldn't be comfortable sitting in.  Also, I assume you are using it plugged in?  If you aren't, then the system (by design) will throttle down to preserve battery life, even when pushing (like playing a game).  You can combat this, by puttign Windows in "Desktop" power mode, but this still won't prevent the system throttling down to 2.2 GHz, as this is the default state.  On battery, you can expect to see it throttle down to 1 Ghz, or even less depending on what you are doing.  Again this throttling isn't a thermal issue, but rather a battery saving feature.

FWIW, I use to game on an older Alienware M17 R3, with a Skylake (6700QH) that was rated for 2.6 GHz, with turbo up to 3.1 GHz, but it almost never went to 3.1 GHz.  It spent most of the time at 2.6 GHz.  This is the reason I switched to a desktop when I upgraded.  My 8700K runs all day at 4.4 GHz, so it was a huge upgrade from 2.6 GHz :-).

Good luck!

Rich S.

Are you running your laptop on a cooling pad? Did you look into a laptop cooling fan like this:

Most gaming laptops tend to overheat fairly easy and I have always run into CPU overheating issues. I ended up buying a MSI laptop due to the blisteringly fast cooling fans (up to 7200 RPM on my older laptop computer, 6000 on my current) which on my last laptop kept my cpu just under 95 while turboing to the max, and on my current system keeps the CPU at around 92-90 at full turbo. This is all while running a cooling pad below the laptop however, as that is a must to ensure good air circulation.

I have an i7 9750 and it works pretty fine. Hits high temps, but never throttles. Did you try any BIOS updates by any chance? And it's strange that you are throttling even after the replacement. You should definitely try to contact their support staff superiors. I have seen people get through to them if they're persistent enough.