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Viewing posts made by people in their profiles page.

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I'd like to suggest allowing people to view posts made by a person from their profile pages. IE, I can see in my own profile, any threads i have made myself. In the same section could be a list of posts you have made in threads other people created too. 


For my own use, i personally want it so i can find posts i've made, and update them if i find i need to, or to double check what i've written for some reason or another. I can see it being useful for other reasons too though.

Antworten • 1
AlbertAlienstein said:

This is already possible. Click theshadowcult click "Created Content" click on any thread.

I clicked on your name and then on User "Created Content" now i can see your 4 threads, but i agree that could be on "frontpage" when i clicked on your profile.

You misunderstand. I mention that you can do that in the op. What im asking for is to be able to see all posts in all threads, not just links to the threads you created.