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Warranty replacement for AW3420DW monitor

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I bought the AW3420DW monitor which had an issue with the stand lighting.  After 2 hours on the phone with tech support, Dell said they would replace my monitor.  That was 7 days ago.  The case still shows "In Progress" with no other updates from Dell.  Is this typical for a warranty replacement?  How long does it take to ship out a new monitor?  Is Dell just behind due to Covid staff shortages or something?

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Just be patient and eventually they will replace it, give them a call or email to update your status

I did a chat session with Dell support last night and they said the replacement order was never processed and we had to start from scratch.  I had to resend all of my pics and videos of the issue.  I guess the clock starts over from yesterday.  Sort of disappointing.  I purchased the Alienware over the similar LG 34" monitor because Dell's support was support to be so much better.  I guess we'll see.  Thanks for your reply.

You should have called Alienware support directly. I've only ever dealt with them and they have always been awesome. 

I did call Alienware support.  It's been 21 days now with no feedback from them.  I tried calling support again 2 days ago to check on status.  Was on hold for 45min before the call was disconnected.  Any time I send an agent a message through the support page, I just get a generic "In Progress" reply.  Wondering if I should just be trying to get a refund and send it back at this point.

40 days later and my new monitor arrived!  Works perfectly!  Thanks Dell!

mkirby23 said:

40 days later and my new monitor arrived!  Works perfectly!  Thanks Dell!

Hey glad it worked out !!, sometimes waiting sucks but it's worth the wait