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Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition

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Hello there,

So basically I ordered a new Aurora R10 yesterday with a 3700X and a RTX 3070 and selected the option for Liquid cooling. The only power supply option it gave me was 550w. Is this too low? Nvidia recommends 650w for the 3070 and when I go to the R11 with intel chips those get 1000w  PSU's

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Sell the 550w E-Star/Huntkey psu and buy a Corsair or EVGA Gold/platinum.

Howdy MarkTheBully,

Did you get your system yet?  It looks like you get a 550 watt power supply with the Ryzen systems when you stick with air cooling.  The "upgrade" to liquid cooling bumps you up to the 1000 watt power supply.  If they sold you a system that cannot support the included components, then that is a warranty issue they must resolve.  FWIW, the manufacturer (in this case nVidia) recommends specs primarily based around "worst case" ideas.  If you have a low quality power supply, they want you to have a higher power rating, just to  make sure it works.  Using a higher quality lower-spec power supplly is at least as good as a cheap slighlty higher spec one.  I wouldn't expect to be able to do much overclockign with a 550watt power supply, but you should be able to run your system just fine as it ships.  I would advise against doing what Mr.Cell suggests.  If you pull out the power supply of your exisiting system, you could impact your warranty.  If you don't care about that, then more power to you :-).  Good luck!

Rich S.

I think you're ok. PSU for AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 | Power Supply Calculator ( 

The 3070 is rated as 220W and I have the 3700x in mine and it maxes out at about 60W. BTW I've seen 3070 recommendations for 650W PS with the 3070 but I seriously doubt Alienware would ship an underpowered complete build unless many really terrible errors occurred in multiple processes by many people. 

I have a 3080 with a 3700x and a 1000w supply and from what I've seen I just have a lot of power that I don't use - the CPU and GPU together maybe hit 400W tops.

So any word or update on this? I also ordered an R10 3700x with a 3070 but mine was delayed to next week for delivery. Only option they gave air or liquid was 550w.