Call of Duty: Warzone has eaten Modern Warfare

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Hey, where did Call of Duty: Modern Warfare go? You know, the one with Captain Price and Gunfight and all that? That was a great game—one of the best CoDs ever, even—but after December’s Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Season 1 update that merged the game with Warzone, it disappeared from

hat’s right, the spot where Modern Warfare used to sit in the launcher has been completely replaced by a dedicated Warzone button. The only evidence left that there’s still an entire separate CoD in there is a faded “MW” tucked under the main Warzone logo.

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Dont give up on there idea yet it first time ever them doing this I like the idea it get better 

I do too like the idea of merging the progression of both games but If you are taking features away from something that you paid for and then locking them behind another paywall I don't think that's fair

Sad but true.

After Season 1 update, i feel disapointed, i dont mind to merge Warzone of MW and BO, but if they keep MP of MW same way as was before that update, now i feel bad, i play on PC.

Graphics get "ugly" after update, looks like they did something with textures and maybe all graphics setting, my FPS go up, and what i see, on consoles is the same, but they got in menu something like "Install HD Graphics pack" and they say its about same quality as "pre update"..

I think now i go "max" settings with RTX and it looks like before at "medium" without RTX, they did something realy so wrong.

I love more "complexity" of MW gameplay and when i tryed BO - i realy hate that graphics and simplyed playstyle, why they did to us on MW.

Im out, stay frosty guys.

I'm mixed on this. Sometimes I like throwbacks unchanged and it looks like this wouldn't be that.