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Question: Alienware Command Center UWP Thermal Controls???

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Howdy Folks,

It's not often I ask a question here, but here it goes.  I just recieved a new Aurora R11 as an upgrade to my older Aurora R7, and am experiencing the "new" UWP version of Alienware Command Center.  This new app looks more streamlined than the original one, but a number of things seem to be missing.  For example, there are no pre-built AlienFX themes included, and most importantly there is no tab for the Thermal Controls.  On the older Command Center, there was a tab that showed you how your liquid cooling system was working,and even provided a pop-up window on the icon in the taskbar showing you the current temps.  I used this feature frequently on my older system.  Does anyone know how you are supposed to achieve the same feature with the new UWP Alienware Command Center?  When I initially setup my system, it automatically downloaded and installed the OC Controls, but nothing about thermals were mentioned.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Rich S.

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