Blizzard is making a survival game

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As if being an Overwatch fan wasn't enough of a survival simulator (/j), Blizzard is making its first new IP in many years. (The last new IP was Overwatch back in 2016.) This is the first we're hearing about it, so details are pretty scarce. That said...

Here's what we know:


There's no denying that the Microsoft deal is looming over this project. While the details are still being hammered out, it seems as if the deal will clear, which means Microsoft Gaming will inevitably have the authority to shape Blizzard's development course. The timing of the new project's announcement seems interesting given recent events. Since Blizzard is currently hiring for this project, it's safe to say we still have a few years left of development and teasers before it goes gold. That said, Mike Ybarra (a prominent Lead Developer at Blizzard) has said he's played "many hours" of the project with other developers. So who really knows? With news of delays on other projects at Blizzard, such as the hotly-contested Overwatch 2, one has to wonder about the internal status of these major IPs and what their future looks like under new management.


I've uploaded the two images released from the project as the thumbnail and banner of this article. While the banner image doesn't reveal much, the recruitment image holds interest. (Image linked.) It seems like a blend of fantastical elements (the castle in the distance of the banner confirms this, plus the old ruins, a mysterious mirror, bioluminescent dew) and sci-fi (the skull cap looks too sleek to be just bone-- it almost appears to be some type of metal IMO). While Blizzard may appear to be a bit late to the survival games party, they're known for being good at streamlining genres and adding their own spin to the classics. I'm hoping they add something new to the genre, but it is too early to tell.

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Wonder how it will be even be completed with all of Blizzard problems going on...

The Green Surfer
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Maybe I'll have time to finish one of my other games smileyyes

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As a huge fan of survival/crafting/exploration games, I'm all in favor of a major developer with a ton of talent and (hopefully) a respectable budget behind them taking at stab at the genre.  Admittedly, I'm less a fan of Blizzard doing it, since that likely means going through their client and being forced into an "always online" status - and that immediately sours me a bit on the game and makes me that much less likely to give it a shot - but if Microsoft steps in and does away with the whole Activition/Blizzard account nonsense, then there's a chance this could be interesting.  If not...well, there's always Nightingale (fingers crossed that will be good...and also eschews the "always online" garbage).

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It's going to be interesting to see how things go with Microsoft in the driver's seat.