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M17X R3 video card problem

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Hi, I am using Alienware M17X R3.  And recently my video card has broken down. My Video Card is : ATI HD6870M and it is broken.  the video card that I can insert into my device should be HD6870m again, or can I insert nvidia or another video card. BIOS version A12

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Yes you can use any Nvidia card up to the GTX 880M. You will need the unlocked BIOS for the 700M and 800M series and there can be issues getting the HD Audio to work after the upgrade. An easier upgrade would be the GTX 680M but any Nvidia card above the 500M series will require a modified display driver.

AMD cards are much easier to install as they have driver support without having to mod one. The 8970M (also called the R9 M290x) is pretty much the best AMD card you can install. 

I am trying to put a 680m into my m17xr3


HOW do I do that???

I keep seeingits possible, but I can't find out how to do it!


Please help!


Installing a 680M is usually quite simple. You will not be able to install a display driver directly from Nvidia though. You will have to mod a driver.

If you go to Device Manager and look under Display Adapters you should see the 680M listed but it will be called a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter or Basic VGA Adapter until a driver is installed. If you see this then you just have to learn how to mod the driver and it will start working.