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Alienware (Dell) Scammed Me

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Alienware (Dell) has scammed us out of a PC that was intended for a lot of important things; including WORK. 
My partner bought me this PC for my artwork and schooling and it has done nothing but crash constantly. At one point we even had to not only factory default the entire computer, but remove the operating system and reinstall a fresh copy that was unrelated. This didn't work. My Alienware R10 has had "Whea_Uncorrectable_Error" popping up at random for almost 2 years now. It's not even when it's running hard programs either. I could be watching a Youtube video or checking my email and BAM - crashed computer. It's made it impossible to do my work as an artist, do my schooling, have a reliable anything really with how heavily I rely on a PC for my lifestyle. 

It has been over a year and we've not gotten a refund, replacement, or any true answer on what they're going to do to fix the problem. At one point they wanted to offer a refurbished DOWNGRADE in exchange We've reached out over 20+ times both in chats and over the phone. I mean at this point we might be facing the fact that Dell scammed us and now I am facing my career ending before it even started because they won't even honor the warranty we're STILL PAYING FOR to have this fixed.

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I would also like to add that it is crashing a minimum 5 times a week with an average of 1-5 times a DAY. It is incredibly unreliable. They've sent repair techs out and constnatly are replacing things- Microsoft told me when I asked about the error that it's a corrupted SSD and that it is just going to keep causing more damage to the computer the longer they go without replacing it. That was like 6 months ago. 


Dell's replacement policy says that the replacement needs to be equal to or greater that the system that is being returned so it is strange that they'd offer you a lesser unit. 

They also only offer refurbished systems as replacements (unless one is not available), this has been standard policy for some time. 

What are the specs of your system and what did they offer you?

If you're hitting a wall with Dell then I'd suggest to buy a new SSD and see how it performs. If it's really urgent that the PC is working then this is the easiest thing to test. You could have it back up and running in a matter of hours, unless the issue is due to something else. Do you know what parts they have already replaced?




That error indicates that there is some hardware fault going on with your system  The fact that you are getting the same error repeatedely makes a hardware fault even more likley.  It is probably not the SSD, and any errors you are getting from this are just a side effect of the real problem.  Your first option for at least stabilizing (not fixing) the system, is to go into the system UEFI and load the "Fail Safe Defaults" and run with those.  If the crashes stop, it means that your hardware is not completely faulty, just not able to run at the optimum settings.  Alienware/Dell should be workign with you to isolate the probelm.  I suggest that you reach out here:  Alienware reps actually particpate in that forum, and are only here seldomly.  Chris M, has been particualry helpful in the past.  I would assume that you are not being purposefully blown off, but that the nature of your issues are not getting the visibility required to get resolution.  FWIW, Alienware systems are enthusiast and gaming devices, not considered professional systems.  Support for these systems is not very time-sensitive and can take a long time to get resolved..  Dell has a whole line of systems that are professional, and they have a different (and more timely) support options.  If you rely on your system for work, you may want to consider a Dell Precision Workstation or other similar product in the future.  Good luck!

Rich S.