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Hey Guys! I'm a computer engineer from Turkey and nice to be here! 


I paid 4400 AUD and bought my brand new M17 R5 AMD Edition 2 months ago. But there is a problem in my laptop; I cannot use my external high performance graphic card. Even I cannot setup my drivers. If I attend to setup driver or activate my card (I deactivated my card on Manage) my laptop suddenly crashes and never start until format windows. 


I searched for it and found that; My VBIOS is faulty i do not know how can it be possible but there is a way to fix it. I have to found an owner which has another same laptop and take a VBIOS copy from him/her. I tried to take support but I bought my laptop from Australia and I'm at Turkey for one month. 


To sum up: Is there a good owner of same laptop to share her/him stock VBIOS with me(3070Ti Mobile 150W) ?


Thanks in advance and sorry for my language. English is not my first lang I just started to learn it <3 Thanks for your patience all...

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Hello codenamecode,

The VBIOS for OEM graphic cards, particualry ones that are integrated into motherboards, are not typically made avaialble to the public.  Your best bet is to call Alienware directly, to see if they can provide you with the VBIOS.  The VBIOS not workign is not a common problem, and your issue may have nothign to do with it.  I suggest you contact Alienware directly.  You can also try to do a system restore, to put your system back into the factory shipped state, to see if it resolves your issue.  Good luck!

Rich S.