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Alienware M17xR3 Error updating Bios from A04 to A05

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I am unable to update my Alienware M17xR3 Bios from A04 to A05.

Windows 7 Pro, 64 Bit (same issue when Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit). 

I am Unable to update the bios from version A04, to any version above.
Naturally I started with A05.
I get the following pop up error:

Phoenix WinPhlash64

Failed to retrieve system Bios Information.
bcpsys block signature was not found.
error code -100

Additional information.

Although the notebook is plugged in with the AC Adapter and Battery installed; the taskbar Icon displays "plugged in but not charging".

I have tried a brand new Dell Battery but this issue persists.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance 


Antworten • 3

You could try flashing the unlocked BIOS but it's not suggested to skip that many versions in one go as you could brick the system so flash at your own risk. It may let you bypass the battery issue though.

The other option is using the BIOS recovery method. To do this you need to extract a specific file from the BIOS version you want, rename it M17R3.hdr and put it onto a Bootable USB drive (using RUFUS). Then you stick the drive into the eSATA port, remove the battery and power adapter, hold the end key down while plugging in the adapter only (no battery). Then wait until it forces a flash which can take up to an hour. This is usually only done when a 1 Beep error occurs to fix a BIOS corruption. 

If you try any of this it is at your own risk. BIOS flashing and recovery does not always go to plan and can make things worse if it fails. It's usually a last resort thing. 




Also, just confirm that you are trying to flash the correct BIOS for your R3. Did you enter your Service Tag in the Dell Support page to find the downloads specific to your model?

I just happened to read this posting. I'm commenting because I have a M17XR3 that I've successfully flashed to its latest BIOS. It is very important to use your Service Tag to download the proper BIOS file from Dell rather than model numbers when flashing your BIOS. This will help to eliminate the possibility of unexplained errors during BIOS flash attempts. The model numbers can be confusing from one model year to the next. Also, the Dell support site is the only place where you can safely download a BIOS file.

MattB79 gave you some good advice. By the way, what made you determine that you needed to risk bricking your machine with a BIOS flash?