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No Media Found M15 Laptop

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Hi, today my Alienware M15 shut down and then booted up to a sreen that says no media found. I booed to the BIOS and it does not list any harddrives. I ran the diagnostic tool that popped up and that does not locate the harddrive either. Up until today the laptop has been working just fine. All the windows and drivers were updated last month. This had occured a couple of times previously but I was always able to boot up into windows. Now I can't.

Over the last year I have had the motherboard, battery and power adapter replaced. I really do not want to send it in to Dell again.

Thanks in advance for any assitance.

Antworten • 1

Sounds like you're going to have to open the laptop and verify that the storage drive is still properly connected.  It's always a tight fit inside a laptop, so the idea that a drive unplugged itself due to being bumped or something isn't feasible in most situations, but you never know.

This would also give you a chance to try that drive on another computer.  That outcome will tell you if the drive is the problem or the laptop drive interface.