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Can't the start the steam quest

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Is anyone else having the issue of not starting the quest. I was not able to start the CSGo quest, where I could start the SMITE quest. Can any remark about this?

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sometimes the button hangs, then ctrl + f5 would fix it.

however, with free to play games, the detection doesn't always work properly. Some say that you
need some hours into the game for it to finally be recogized, not sure if that's true but worth a try.

Part Time Gamer

You need to play the game for sometime if you got this glich.

Did they just break all the Steam quests by posting tomorrow's list?  Because, yeah, the site doesn't recognize that I own any of the games, even after letting them run for 20-30 minutes and then refreshing.  

Well, whatever the issue was, it seems to be fixed, because it now recognizes everything, including the games I didn't play/let run.  So, thank you to whomever jumped on that issue and sorted it.



I own all three of this week's games and the system doesn't seem to recognize that.


It's not recognizing that I have any of the games either. Clicking "Check Games" does nothing.

Edit* - Now I've actually lost the half credit I had for Pay Day 2 from earlier. Of course all this happens when I have a boost activated.

Edit* - I got credit for Pay Day now and it let me activate CS Go. Just temporary wonkiness I guess.



I wish I would have checked this post before activating a boost... It's not recognizing any of the games I own. Even those I've previously played for past Quests.

It's not working for me. I own Payday 2, have owned it for a long time and have played it before. It doesn't recognize that I own it :(.