Larian Studios Opens New Office in Warsaw

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After launching Baldur’s Gate 3 with  massive success and winning just about every accolade including Game of the Year, we would all understand if everyone at Larian Studios took a breather while they bask in all their success (and perhaps recover from the jetlag of flying to all those award shows.) However, it looks like it’s full steam ahead for CEO Swen and the team as they open up a new studio in Warsaw, Poland. 

Larian announced in April that they would no longer be developing anything further tied to Dungeons & Dragons and that the IP was now back in the hands of Hasbro. While many are relenting at this development, the studio assures us that they are hard at work on two new RPGs that will be a product of Larian’s own IP. It’s bittersweet knowing that we won't see another Baldur’s Gate installment from Larian, but news as of Monday, May 20th assures us that we will still get more incredible games from the studio. 


This seventh studio joins the others located in Barcelona, Dublin, Gent, Guildford, Kuala Lumpur, and Quebec. Poland is no stranger to successful studios, as CD Projekt Red, developers of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher games, is also located in Warsaw.  In a statement from CEO Swen Vincke, expanding to Poland and working with the talent present there has been on his mind for a while.

“Visiting GIC last year confirmed what I'd been thinking for a while - there's a lot of talent here and a lot of devs who think like us. On top of that, many of them want to work on RPGs so it's a match made in heaven. Our plan for the Polish studio is very simple. Build a team that can work on our two - very ambitious - new RPGs and enjoy the fruits of their labor. We're a very bottom-up company so I'm eager to see what new things they'll bring us. I think it'll work really well.”

It’s thrilling to see so many moving gears and transparency piggybacking off of such an incredible launch and year, it’s hard not to eagerly wait on the edge of our seats to learn about these two new games. Keeping in mind that we know games take an incredible amount of work, it’s best to remind ourselves that we may not see any reveals for a considerable amount of time, but hopefully, that time will be cut a bit shorter with the addition of the talent from Poland! Best of luck, Larian! 

What direction do you think this new IP will go in? Will these two games relate to each other? Let me know!

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Game devs don't seem to understand...we want polished games not Polish games :P
Jokes aside, the Polish game industry is pretty impressive.

anonumos said: 6h

Visiting GIC last year confirmed what I'd been thinking for a while - there's a lot of talent here and a lot of devs who think like us (let me correct that) cheap workforce

LOL, yeah, probably wanting to poach from CD Projekt Red, or get disgruntled devs that already left. They can get some good talent for cheaper than Western Europe of N.A. Hopefully the conflict in Ukraine won't spill over to Poland. If that happens, though, video games are going to be the least of our concerns, lol.

Lonely hoarder
Wintyer said: 17d

Boys they are no longer and indie dev they are now AAA

Eh maybe AA? They don't have the money to be AAA.

That's great news about Larian opening a new office in Warsaw! It's always exciting to see a successful studio expanding and tapping into new talent pools. I'm looking forward to seeing what their new IPs will bring. Hopefully, the addition of the Polish team will speed up development and bring some fresh ideas to the table.