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I had fun playing it. I recommend it!

After some fiddling, I was able to back out of the black screen on startup and go to windowed mode. I really enjoy the game and the powerup/combo system. This is the most addicting game since Jetpack Joyride!

The only thing that is frustrating is that I don't know how to back up on waves. I'm stuck on Wave 20 since I got some huge powerups and then died, so I'm no longer powerful enough to last more than 20 seconds or so.

Great game! I love the art style and the gore. There's a good selection of gear and perks too! Can't wait for the full game to be released.

when the game have release, exactly

awesome game

although control is not my liking

MMB for 2nd attack? why not RMB?

grenades using MMB


i wish i could play  this game but didn't got a key hope you guys will give more keys out thanks. waiting for you