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Hello Alienware! I have a 15 R3 with a 1070. Should I look for driver updates through Nvidia and Intel or always just stick to Alienware driver updates?

Just ordered the New M15 with one SSD card. Plan one install another SSD that I already have. Contacted Dell after my Oder. Can't believe they charged me for a thermo cover/ heat shield for this second PCI slot.

Hello Guys, I have Alienware 15 R2 with 6700HQ and 970M it is 16GB i would like to update to 32 GB. how can i be sure those memories is fit it is.


im curious How the Sager NP6876 compares to these laptops?


Why is it that everytime I do a driver update dell ads some form of bad keyboard driver to desroy functional use?

I have my 15" with 1070 8GB and 4k screen on order!!

It certainly still has the AW DNA. Very nice.