Artifacts information page Artifacts information page

What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are rare items, holding the remnants of ancient, extinct civilizations from species flung far out amongst the stars. Artifacts are stored in stasis through the use of Cryo-Cards and can be used to empower users to go beyond their bounds. Users can collect these Artifacts to discover new realms of possibility.

There are two types of Artifacts:

Chaotic Artifacts

Chaotic Artifacts have an active facet of life trapped within them that preserve the legacy of lost intergalactic civilizations and fuel Perks. Users can tap into the innate power of Chaotic Artifacts to discover and harness the extraordinary power of Perks within. While these cards are exceedingly rare, they can be discovered through varying spaces of Arena and the stars beyond.

Static Artifacts

Static Artifacts are the dormant and broken memories of intergalactic history. These relics can be earned by completing Achievements around Alienware Arena. Due to their nature, Static Artifacts cannot release Perks; however, Statics must be respected for their beauty and wonder.

What types of Perks are there?

Perks are unique, unpredictable abilities that are still under research by our scientists to fully uncover their stellar potential. Intrinsically tied with Chaotic Artifacts and Fragments, Perks seem to manipulate or enhance the systems they interact with, such as artificially lowering the price of wares in the Marketplace or increasing a user’s ARP gain. Our Research and Development teams are still tapping into the potential that Perks extend to users.

How do I activate a Chaotic Artifact?

The rare few who discover a Chaotic Artifact can harness its innate Perk by selecting the card in the Artifact Presentation Room and choosing one of three slots to activate the power within. Due to how unstable the power of Chaotics are, users must wait 24 hours before swapping out a Chaotic Artifact slot.

What are Set Perks?

Set Perks occur when all three Artifact slots are filled with Chaotic Artifacts from the same set. The subsequent Perks are unpredictable and doubly formidable, and when coalesced with matched Chaotics either increase the overall power of the combined Chaotics set or manifest new abilities altogether.

What are Fragments?

Fragments are shattered star pieces, meteor chunks, or other space scraps that contain traces of Perk power. These Fragments (when enough are gathered) can go on to empower Chaotic Artifacts to new heights of rarity, increasing the innate Perk power. Fragments themselves are rare and, like Chaotics, must be sussed out and discovered across the wide traverse of Arena space.