Marketplace Sorting in Avatar section doesn't seem to work anymore. If I go to the Avatar section and apply any of the sorts, below filters such as Newest, Oldest, Most Expensive, etc. it filters out all but a couple of items.
Upgrading artifacts providing red error message that my artifacts cannot be upgraded, but then the artifact changes to the new picture with the indicated active upgrade and fragments are consumed. So are the upgrades effective or not?
Update Alienware Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard or make Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard with dedicated home, end, page up, page down, end keys. I have the Alienware Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard and as a gamer and home office worker it isn't ideal for office work or text editing. Please put alt text on top of the key, not grey black key, there is no contrast. The sound buffering, responsiveness, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 3 device Bluetooth connectivity (I connected desktop, phone, laptop) and USB C are a must.
Thanks for the Islands of Insight
demo, I'm truly appreciative and look forward to trying it out. The game is on my Steam wishlist!
Looking forward to trying out relays!