NEW car, better physics, exploding barrels, 21:9, new tune and more - GRIP v.1.1.8 now on Steam

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NEW Vintek Juggernaut, more stable vehicle physics, 21:9 support, new song, exploding barrels, updated Skytrack and more!


List of some known issues with this the current version of the game:

  • Vehicle physics can still be screwy at times, causing your car to bounce unexpectedly, catch on geometry or spend too much time in the air. We've been aware of these types of issue for a while and have constantly been improving physics as we go.
  • Islands Track: This map is still very early WIP and hasn't changed this update, but will be for the next one
  • The menus only support mouse navigation right now. Gamepad support will be coming as soon as possible.
  • Some users are reporting that pausing the game after finishing an event gets rid of mouse navigation
  • Sometimes resetting the car on any map can transport you to another area of the map, changing your race placement. This is being looked into
  • Missiles like to crash into the ground sometimes upon deployment. Sometimes the assassin missile crashes unexpectedly
  • The game may crash when hitting G to go to garage from the event setup menu
  • Race position may be messed up, or say AI are in front of a player when they are not. This happens rarely

List of changes/additions in this patch:

  • The new Vintek Juggernaut! A tank class vehicle, and our first assymetrical car.
  • Better vehicle stabilty and collision. Improved suspension model. Players should experience less catching on geometry or general unwanted bouncing
  • New race camera functionality that helps with guiding players down the track after a crash
  • A new ingame tune from Imperium called "Cerbera"
  • Explosive barrels added to tracks! Shooting one causes a chain reaction. It's fun icon_e_smile.gif
  • 21:9 and 4:3 resolution support
  • Added drop shadow to all cars. They now look more grounded and realistic
  • Garage view and car angle improved
  • New menu sounds
  • Weather option now in the event setup menu. FIC Outpost is currently the only track with different weather
  • Improvements to vehicle resetting code
  • HUD: Ground direction indicator now around speedometer
  • Fixed physics objects on Jobsite jumping awake and snowmen spontaneously exploding in Festive


  • Improved first jump into wallride
  • Added additional platforms to avoid falling into the abyss
  • Tweaked various track pieces to be more traversable
  • Added some obstacles
  • Improved overall visual quality (still WIP)


  • Changed shortcut tunnel exit to be a wallride jump into another wallride

If you want to give feedback, or need to report any issues, please visit our forum (be sure to check the bugs and crashes lists before posting):

Or you can visit the Steam Page

To all of our players, thank you for supporting us, and we hope you'll like what we've got coming in our next updates!

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