Multiplayer Launched!

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Grip racing game even if discount a bit overpriced to my taste, but I might look some youtube or stream to make up my final move.

i was wondering when multiplayer will be added now its time to buy, god memories from Rollcage

Now a lot of these games. I'm not a fan of racing, but I think there will be people who will find something of their own.

Definitely not my cup of tea. Still I wish you guys success.

I saw this update in my pending downloads today - happy days! Great game overall and MP has been pretty solid for me. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far and it certainly brings back fond memories of the Rollcage days! The Cygon Tempest vehicle that was included in this update is also a very welcome new addition to the roster.

Thanks to the devs for all their hard work, cheers!