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How to get directly to Alienware Tech Support.

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When many of us have a issue we just google customer service and go. Problem is, that will normally get us talking with Dell and we get passed from person to person repeating the same information. When we finally get to the correct Alienware department they take care of us in a matter of seconds.

This will get you directly to the Alienware Call Center.

    1. Call 1-800-254-3692
    2. Hit the number 4 for Alienware Tech Support.
    3. Put in you're express service code
Note DO NOT use you're service tag. If done correctly it will say checking and connect you with the Alienware department in or nearest to you're country that you're machine is registered.

If you do not have you're express service code then it will ask many options and cause you a headache.

Antworten • 276

Would this work for international countries like south africa? Or should one google their local number