Far Cry 5 soon takes us to Mars

Far Cry 5 soon takes us to Mars

Lost on Mars, Far Cry 5’s second post-launch DLC adventure, is coming on July 17. Lost On Mars is available either as a standalone purchase or as part of the Season Pass.

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just a joke


I enjoyed the 80's one, but since this is just DLC and not stand-alone I doubt I'll try it.


looks nice and interessting


far cry 6 a cry to far..... the space adventure 


Mmmm maybe something to do afteral :P 


why does "he" sounds like scooter from borderlands?


I will wait



More trash... Thanks for the news!:)



Просто так написал.


Meh could be interesting to check out Mars in FC5.

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Far Cry 5's new DLC will make us leave Earth behind and go battle ugly Martian spiders to save the world from an alien invasion.

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