Nearing Release

Bugs, errors and more! 

Well, I have been a very busy boy! I have been knuckles deep in code, visual nodes, stringy messes, the works! However, I have been tidying and optimising the code, to ensure that Steve is as rock solid as possible! (again, take you mind out of the gutter, I didn't mean like that!)


Get in my credits!

Soooo, if you want to be included in the credits, as one of the testers, I am more than happy to throw you in there, however, I will need you to reply and let me know what the name should be and obviously, I will need you to actually download the game and give it a run through, letting me know how you got on, you know, test it....... kinda the thing with testers.....

I have packaged up what I have so far. If a level is incomplete, I simply haven't included it. I felt it would be a waste of everyone's time if I were asking you about your play experience and you told me that an incomplete level was a bit buggy. 

The download for the game is below. I think this goes without saying, but, please don't share the link with anyone else, unless otherwise stated by me. I appreciate your vigilance with my work. 




Known Issues


  • After collecting any of the secrets, you can still move as Steve and the celebration animation continues to play, meaning Steve will ice skate around doing that stupid dance. 
  • One of the idle animations loops forever and doesn't go back to random, not game breaking, just annoying. 
  • On grasslands 1, sometimes, after pressing the switch to activate the platform, the player can get stuck there and the controller won't do anything. Sometimes, pausing and un-pausing will help.
  • There are a few collision issues, when Steve will get snagged and you won't understand why, but, he will just stop running! It's because he is stuck on a single pixels worth of collision! Woohoo! Really fun! 
  • If using a controller, when leaving the upgrades menu, Steve will punch the floor in anger. 



So, you're still reading; impressive stuff! Thanks for reading to the end. 

I have two small questions for you now....

  1. Should I limit the number of lives the player has? Giving them an extra life every 100 gems, allow them to find 1up's in the levels and to use upgrade points to add lives, instead of upgrading the player abilities? Or should it just be unlimited lives? 
  2. Lastly, should the super smash have a cooldown feature? Like, you have to wait for 10 seconds before you can use it again? Or should it be available at all times? 

OK, back to the grind stone to finish those levels and get the other features ironed out. If you do find any bugs or would like to share your experience with me, I have attached a really basic Google form for you to complete, which will help me greatly! If you want to complete it, please do, if not, well, then, Steve hates you. 

Feedback Form


Thanks for taking the time to read this update. 



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