GRIP has gone GOLD

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Yep, GRIP is launching out of early access on PC November 6th.

And speaking of gold, don't forget that all of your early access players get a special gold-plated skin for 3 cars. These are exclusive skins - they will not be attainable anywhere else. Here's a taste:


Also a reminder that your ingame player progress bar will get wiped back to zero upon the game's release. This is to prepare for the various garage unlocks we have in store. There's so much additional content you guys haven't seen. You're gonna love it!


In case you haven't seen, we also announced our relationship with Hospital Records for the GRIP soundtrack. Hospital Records is one of, if not the biggest Drum and Bass record label on the planet, and GRIP will be full of tunes from their artists. 

Have a look at the bangin' soundtrack spotlight trailer released recently:

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