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alienware 17 r5 RAM

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I am confused on ram issue.. does aw 17 r5 support 64 gb ram?

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I read somewhere that someone had 64GB in their 17R5 and it was working fine. However since Dell don't support 64GB in AW 17R5  and  you needed to  rely on Alienware support one day they wouldn't be able to help until you reduced it back to 32GB (That's my understanding anyway).

Well, Samsung announced the first available 32GiB SO-DIMMs on May 30th ( See this Reddit thread ). The Alienware 17 R5s with the Intel Core i9-8950HK CPU option, at least, support 64GiB of RAM, or at least the CPU's IMC does, although Dell would need to release a BIOS update.

The new 32GiB RAM modules should be widely available in the next few months -- let's just hope that Dell updates the BIOS on their gaming laptops to support matched kits of 32GiBx2 64GiB RAM modules.


I've been tracking this and trying to push for  a BIOS update and would encourage every one to do the same.


If any one has managed to get them working I would love to hear from you.

Here are some useful links:


Who's the duche that reported my last post as spam????

I was consolidating all the information on the topic you moron!!


Way to provide support

Has any one beenable to run 64GB ram on the r5 i9 laptops yet????