GRIP is now OUT with new updates!

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What's up racers!

GRIP's gotten a few updates since launch last week, and we wanted to give you a list of the changes/fixes/improvements:

Updated laps and kills achievements to be more attainable (we can't math)
Crash bug fix for saving player progress state when playing in split-screen.
Steam avatars are now displayed correctly in many places within the MP UI.
Game Browser screen has been improved in terms of layout and interactivity.
Multiplayer lobby has been improved in terms of layout and interactivity.
Multiplayer spectator lobby has been improved in terms of layout and interactivity.
Bug fix for 3 or more players the garage where you can now all specify your vehicles (ongoing fixes).
Optional (see Game options) instantaneous look back / side when using the keyboard or assigned buttons.
Bot vehicles now matched against the player's progress level so you won’t be pitted against top-end vehicles when your XP level is low.
Spectators leaving MP games no longer reported in the HUD feed.
Bug fix for illegitimately attaining achievements when spectating a MP game.
Best lap times no longer recorded on leaderboards if they were achieved with catchup assistance.
Hit points for all vehicles now standardised, with arena game modes having less than race game modes to help increase the kill frequency.
Fixed Jahtra arena lighting.
Bug fix for MP game auto-start sometimes not kicking in.
Bug fix for MP game auto-start not aborting when appropriate.
Bug fix for occasional MP server exceptions related to player death and respawn.
Bug fix for the handling of apostrophes in capitalised text.
Bug fix for custom music occasionally playing over the top of stock music.
Bug fix for displaying the Best Damage Received statistic in the post-race statistics.
Bug fix for the unwanted Purchase popup in the garage.
Event progress bar now calculated more accurately at the end of game when the countdown begins in network games.
Bug fixes to prevent bad data entering the leaderboards.
Bug fixes for detecting the "I did it my way" achievement.
Bug fix in moving the player stats / game info panel to the left a bit to prevent it blurring with the moving machines
Improved the rendering, speed and usability of the leaderboard screen.
Bug fix for resetting new player’s data twice instead of just once.
Changed Kill / Death ratio to use a higher rendered range to try and separate players on the leaderboards.
Changed the tournament presets layout screen to match the layout of the garage presets screen which aided in foreign translation rendering.
Various other panel layout changes to accommodate foreign translations.
Fixed Vintek DLC link.
Improved the rendering of all character icons so we can see them more clearly in the UI.
Bug fix for wiping vehicle customisations along with the player's progress data for launch day.

Quite the list, right?

We're focusing on AI and the catch-up system for the next update. The aim is to make AI drivers more competitive and remove the negative aspects of the catch-up system, making it much less intrusive (if it's enabled). The result should be more balanced and fun races. Players can choose not to even use catch-up and still be able to have a competitive race. That said, results may vary online, as real players can be a handful ;)


We're happy to see so many people having fun with the game! If you're itching for some multiplayer action, be sure to jump onto our Discord as it's a great place to connect with other players. There's even a list on the right side indicating which members are playing GRIP at any given moment.

We hope you'll enjoy what's coming next with GRIP. We've got a bunch of DLC planned including FREE racetracks!

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