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Welcome to the LEC!

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Welcome, League fans!
As you may have heard, Alienware has joined forces with Riot Games as the official competition PC and display partner of the LEC.

This year, we're bringing the biggest plays from the LEC directly to Alienware Arena following each week's action-packed games.

Whether it's clutch Baron steals, thrilling pentakills, or edge-of-the-seat outplays, we’ll have it all covered here with Alienware Big Plays each Sunday.

Watching from Europe? Make sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channels to get the #AWBigPlays of the day, direct to your YouTube homepage. 

France - Watch here
Germany - Watch here

Will FNATIC find their feet following a rocky start to the LEC? Can Vitality and Schalke keep up the momentum of their fantastic start? And of course, the big one - who can stop the kings, G2 Esports?

Make sure you don’t miss a beat, and get all the game-winning, head-turning, “how did he do that?!” highlights right here on Alienware Arena. 

Turn to the boards and let us know what your highlights of the season have been so far and which games you’re most looking forward to in the coming weeks. Until next week, see you on the Rift! 



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waiting for SKT

Is there gonna be some RP giweaways?

and what is the LEC?