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GOG Game Key Giveaway? Maybe Please

  • 421

Ok I can safely say that I have been here long enough to suggest something as bold as this. I see Steam keys and of recent Kartridge keys be given out and heres idea... but how about a GOG game key giveaway?

Antworten • 9

approved! GOG would be a nice change once in a while.

I think that is a great idea. Better still have a giveaway that is of a game that Only GOG carries.

No. Steam are better

Maybe steam is better than average, but GOG is the best ;)

Willyr1 sagte:

No. Steam are better

Steam gives no tecnical support whatsoever to their games. There are games sold at steam, that dont even work. GOG gives technical support and updates to all their games and the support knows how to find the "answer" button to emails and messages they recieve. As far as I know, Steam support deleted that buttona long time ago. 


steam is better, everyone have it in some way - shape - form somewhere, also people don't like another launcher for games

good thing gog galexy can launch any client now also galexy is optional, you don't actually need it so your nexit is invalid but for gwent which is needed.

i like to add Devs do stop and abanded gog versions while they keep updating steam version of there games. also it will be tricky becuase asking for a drm-free version they will think o no it will be pirated which will be semi true, they hide behind there drm becuase they think it protects there games which we all know is a joke.

some games are diffrent versions like Kotor steam versions inplanted the mod fix while gog version still kept it sepperated which fixes dialuge and the darkside path