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How to prevent Command Center from auto-updating?

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The most recent Alienware Command Center broke the Audio Profiles on my Alienware 17 R5,  I have restored the laptop back to a point before the update occurred so I now wish to prevent Command Center from auto-updating.

Does anyone know how i might achieve this?  I looked in the minimal configuration options of the app and there are no settings to control updates. What is triggering the app to update?



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I have the same issue on my Area 51 R5, Command Center updated itself and the audio center isn't in CC anymore for whatever reason. Do you have the Alienware Control Center Updater ? I think comes with the ACC that i used in may.

I uninstalled AWCC and installed the version from April  2019 version  , and the audio center is there and working. It will want to update to the newer version, i just dont let it , when the upgrade notification comes up ..i clicked "maybe later"  As for the new version of AWCC  it could be a driver thing but I haven't done any testing and haven't seen an updated audio driver from Dell / AW. By the way my sound device is a Realtek alc3861. Hope this helps


FYI - It should be noted that the newest revision/version of AWCC has a memory leak issue - If you open the newest version ( of AWCC will eventually consume all memory resources on the computer and cause a BSOD - 

Issue duplication:

1. Install all the latest updates of the AWCC program 

2. Start AWCC 

3. Click on Fusion Tab

4. Click OK to agree to warning

5. Minimize AWCC - 

From time to time (check Task Manager) and look at the Alienware Command Center - you will see the that memory usage is higher than all other apps and is continuing to grow - eventually, if you let it, the AWCC will consume all resources and cause a BSOD. The BSOD will blame some other driver for the error - when in reality it's a poorly tested and publicly released version of the AWCC. Software used by every Alienware computer on the planet.  And Alienware isn't saying a word about this - no hotfix - no removal of the update from downloads - Take Heed Therefore, when you think you are above it all, that is when you are most in danger of fault and failure.   

Sure hope they release a new Fusion component of AWCC soon - I'm enjoying being to tweak my computer (Area-51m) on the fly to react to demands I am placing on it.  

Be Aware - Be Awake


You could block the CC in your firewall.

To prevent it from updating automatically you have to go to system registration and stop the update service, otherwise it will look for ways to do the update.

Where do you find the update service for AWCC in the system registration? I have been fighting with AWCC repeatedly wanting to update every couple days and breaking and havent been able to stop it from doing it yet.

If you still can't stop the service, write to me and I help you.

Also having this issue. Stupid to remove Sound center.