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No logout required for ARP from consecutive logins

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To get the "Consecutive Daily Logins" ARP bonus, I actually have to logout of the site.  This seems stupid. Can you change it to just detect that we are logged in or have activity each day?

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This issue is on your end, maybe clear your cookies?  Mine detects every day I open up the website, I don't log out and log in every day.

Still didn't work.  I had to logout and log back in. Using firefox on windows.... I'll try another browser.

I've tried chrome now as well, but I still get the same behavior. The site does not recognize me as logged in with regard to this arp bonus. I have to logout and login again.

Mine shows 0 in the ARP status box in my main browser, but I always get the points from it. It shows up just fine in my other browser. I just ignore it.

sounds a bit like you're logging into another browser which then triggers the login detection.

I logout and login aswell just to be safe, however it does detected a new login and add points before i logout, its just the Consecutive Daily Logins section does not update or show until after a refresh

I'm not logging into the other browser; I'm already logged in with it. The consecutive login streak isn't at 0 or 1, it's at whatever it should be at (today is 8, and I haven't double checked in weeks). It simply doesn't show in the box on my main browser.

ok, fair enough! I'm not going to logout today, and then I will tomorrow and see if it doesn't reset me but adds today in even though i didn't logout and back in.


welp, for me it's not working as it is for you. if i don't logout and log back in, it doesn't count it as consecutive daily logins...  so I guess I'm back to my original complaint.